LI 800-6300A

  • Applications

    Applications of the LI system

    Supplying large amounts of power over long distances for infrastructure and industry.
    Modern infrastructure and industry depend on a supply of electrical energy that is safe, flexible, reliable, and efficient. The LI system is the right solution to these requirements. For example, a high degree of protection, a high short-circuit rating, and low voltage drop ensure
    optimum operational reliability combined with maximum personel safety and efficient operation.
    The flexibility of its tap-off units and a compact design support efficient planning and installation as well as a cost-effective infrastructure. Furthermore, as part of the SIVACON 8PS and TIP portfolio, the LI system contributes to integrated and future-proof solutions.

    The busbar trunking system for power transmission and distribution in infrastructure – e.g. in multi-story buildings – and in industrial applications:

    • Reliable and easy to install
    • Reliable and safe operation
    • Load tap-offs up to 1250 A
    • Tested connection to distribution boards (type-tested connection to SIVACON S8) and transformers

    Your benefit: 
    • Design verified in accordance with current standard IEC 61439-1/-6
    • Design verified connection to SIVACON S8 switchboards in accordance with IEC 61439-1/-2
    • Guided installation and removal of the tap-off units with disconnected position
    • High degree of protection IP55 for power distribution with tap-off units, and IP66 at every hook and bolt connection
    • High short-circuit rating to enable safe operation even during faulty conditions
    • Low fire loads to reduce damages in the case of fire
    • Fire barriers tested in accordance with European Standard EN 1366-3
    • Fire resistance of 180 min in accordance with IEC 60331
    • Low weight and high rigidity with aluminium housing


  • Technical specifications

    LI: 800A – 6300A at 35° C – 690V AC/800V DC, IP55

    • 3 to 6 conductors + PE (housing)
    • 800 – 4000A Al-conductors
    • 1000A – 6300A Cu-conductors
    • Tap-off points – up to 6 pcs. pr. 3m
    • Max. load tap-off point – 1250A
    • Ik 1 sec. = 35 to 150 kA
    • Ik pk. = 74 to 330 kA
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    An integrated solution for safe and efficient power supply – LI busbar trunking system