LR – IP68

  • Applications


    • Construction
    • Industry
    • Oil & Gas installations
    • Vessels

    For the most adverse ambient conditions

    Thanks to its housing made of epoxy cast resin with a high degree of protection IP68 and high short-circuit rating, the LR system provides reliable power transmission even under adverse ambient conditions. It is impervious to environmental factors such as air humidity and corrosive or salty atmospheres.

    Flexible power transmission for both indoor and outdoor applications

    The robust system can be laid flat, upright, vertically or horizontally as required in applications from 400 A to 6150 A. With only minimum space requirements, it can be optimally adjusted to the construction conditions with angles, connectors and T-pieces for change of direction. The LR system is also perfectly suited for outdoor applications. It can also be easily combined with the LI and LD systems for indoor applications.

  • Technical spesificationa

    LR: 400A – 63000A at 35° C – 1000V AC, IP68

    4 conductors

    • 400 – 5000A Al conductors
    • 630 – 6300A Cu conductors
    • Max. load tap-off point – 630A
    • Ik 1 sec. = 12 to 125 kA
    • Ik pk. = 24 to 275 kA

    5 conductors

    • 400 – 5000A Al conductors
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