The choice of busbar trunking systems for distribution of electrical energy in larger buildings with apartments, offices, shops or warehouses provides many advantages in terms of technical functionality, space savings and a cost-effective installation.


  • Metal clad 1000V
  • Betobar 1000V

Where to use:

  • Connection between transformer in substation and main switchboard
  • Connection between main switchboard and sub-switchboards
  • As distribution system from main switchboard to sub-switchboards supplied from tap-off unit on busduct
  • Distribution to machines and equipment by use of tap-off units installed on busduct


  • Compact design which is space saving compared with an equivalent cable installation
  • Flexibility which allows installation of tap-off units without modification or interruption of existing installation
  • Low fire load compared to cables
  • According to the standard for low-voltage switchgear, NEK 439 (IEC 61439-1/6)
  • I in accordance with NEEK 399 / REN recommendation in relation to use of busduct between transformer to main switchboard