Busduct and busbar systems in industrial buildings / facilities have in the past been a preferred solution in terms of the compact design, flexibility and technical advantages for the transmission and distribution of energy. Flexibility to install tap-off unit to supply machines and equipment is also cost-saving during later operation of the installation.


  • Metal clad 1000V
  • Betobar 1000V
  • Betobar 1500V DC
  • Betobar 12-24kV
  • Duresca 12-170kV

Where to use:

  • Connection between transformer in substation and main switchboard
  • Connection between main switchboard and sub-switchboards
  • DC transmission and distribution to process equipment
  • As distribution system from main switchboard to sub-switchboards supplied from tap-off unit on busduct
  • Distribution to machines and equipment by use of tap-off units installed on busduct


  • Compact design which is space saving compared with an equivalent cable installation
  • Transmission of high currents AC and DC
  • Flexibility which allows installation of tap-off units without modification or interruption of existing installation
  • Low fire load compared to cables
  • According to the standard for low-voltage switchgear, NEK 439 (IEC 61439-1/6)
  • I in accordance with NEK 399 / REN recommendation in relation to use of busduct between transformer to main switchboard