Land-based fish farming


As an increasing number of fish farms move from sea to land, operation of such facilities will result in a major demand for water circulation systems.

This will in turn represent the need for much more energy supply and optimal energy distribution throughout the land-based farms.

Busduct solutions for land-based fish farms are a cost-efficient installation in terms of assembly and, not least, subsequent operations.

Energy distribution around the facility can be provided by an IP68 busduct with tap-off boxes in IP67.

Such a system provides well-organised and compact distribution that is highly flexible with a view to future changes in the need for pump sizes etc. The main fuse for the system is primarily in the tap-off boxes. As a result, future changes will not require cable installation from the main switchboard or sub-switchboards.


  • Metal clad 1000V up to 6300A IP55
  • Betobar 1000V up to 6300A IP68 – IP 68 tap-off boxes

Where to use:

  • Connection between transformer in substation and main switchboard
  • Connection from switchboard to machines/equipment with high power demand


  • Compact design which is space saving compared with an equivalent cable installation
  • Flexibility which allows installation of tap-off boxes without modification or interruption of existing installation. Tap-off boxes IP67 for Betobar IP68 busbar
  • Low fire load compared to cables
  • According to the standard for low-voltage switchgear, NEK 439 (IEC 61439-1/6)