Oil & gas installations

Busbar trunking systems have been a preferred solution in oil and gas plants/rigs for a long time and Scanelec has extensive experience and many references in this market area since busbars are a reliable and robust solution. Busducts can be used on both low-voltage and high-voltage systems in relation to the energy supply systems to land-based plant or offshore installation on rigs/FPSO and comparable.


  • Metal clad 1000V
  • Betobar 1000V
  • Betobar 1500V DC
  • Betobar 12-24kV
  • Duresca 12-170kV

Where to use:

  • Connection between transformer in substation and main switchboard
  • Connection between main switchboard and sub-switchboards
  • Connection from switchboard to machines/equipment with high power demand


  • Compact design which is space saving compared with an equivalent cable installation
  • Transmission of high currents AC and DC
  • Low fire load compared to cables
  • According to the standard for low-voltage switchgear, NEK 439 (IEC 61439-1/6)
  • I in accordance with NEEK 399 / REN recommendation in relation to use of busduct between transformer to main switchboard