Busbar trunking systems onboard ships can provide great benefits when it comes to space saving, weight savings as well as flexibility. Busducts are used in the energy system between generator and main switchboard, both AC and DC. And can further be usen as distribution to the propulsion systems, equipment and as distribution in accommodation.

Scanelec has participated in pilot projects and delivered DC busducts to several ships and rigs in the last years and we have also participated in development of deck/bulkhead penetrations.  We have experience with various class authorities.


  • Metal clad 1000V – BD01, BD2, LD
  • Betobar 1000V
  • Betobar 1500V DC

Where to use:

  • Connections within the energy system
  • Distribution to propulsion systems and equipment
  • Distribution to accommodation via tap-off points and use of tap-off boxes to supply sub-switchboards, cabins, and other equipment


  • Compact design which is space saving compared with an equivalent cable installation
  • Transmission of high currents AC and DC
  • Flexibility which allows installation of tap-off units without modification or interruption of existing installation
  • Low fire load compared to cables
  • According to the standard for low-voltage switchgear, NEK 439 (IEC 61439-1/6)
  • Approved solutions by class authorities