Scanelec offer complete busduct solutions for low-voltage and high-voltage installation.

All our products are made by leading manufactures of busducts and busbars in Europe

  • Why choose busbars?

    Choose busbar trunking systems and experience many advantages compared to cables.

    • Easy, quick, and safe installation – Cost saving installation
    • Flexibility – For future extensions and modifications. Easy to install additional busduct elements or modify existing installation. Easy and fast to relocate existing tap-off units or to add new tap-off units
    • Compact solutions – The way busducts are constructed result in a compact and space saving solutions.
    • Elbow/Knees, no bending radius – changes in directions are very compact compared to cables
    • Low EMC – The focus on EMC radiation from electrical equipment and its impact on human beings and other equipment is increasing. Low EMC from busducts can in many installations eliminate this problem without any other measures to be taken.
    • Balanced currents – busducts eliminates challenges to get balance in parallel cables.
    • Low fire load – Busducts are constructed of materials which give a minimum of additional energy to a fire.
    • Low power losses


  • Video - Advantages with us of busbars

    Busbar - The innovative alternative to cables

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