BD2 160-1250A

  • Applications

    The universal solution for high power levels in a small space.
    The BD2 system (up to 1250 A) supplies energy to medium-size loads in buildings and all sectors of industry. Pre-assembled tap-off units with the most diverse equipment enable universal use. With only two standard sizes for all levels of current, stock keeping and planning are greatly facilitated.

    The busbar trunking system for operation in the harsh industrial world:
    • High degree of protection up to IP55
    • Easy and quick planning
    • Time-saving and economical mounting
    • Reliable and safe operation
    • Flexible modular system with simple solutions for every application
    • Early planning of the power distribution system without exact knowledge of load locations
    • Early readiness for operation thanks to fast and simple mounting
    • Innovative design: No more compensation boxes to compensate elongation
    • Codable tap-off units and tap-off points
    • Sealable throughout



  • Technical specifications

    BD2: 160A – 1250A at 35° C – 690V AC/800V DC, IP52/55

    • 4 conductors + PE
    • 160 – 1000A Al- or Cu-conductors
    • 1250A Cu-conductors
    • Tap-off poins – up to 12 pcs. pr. 3,25m
    • Max. load tap-off point – 530A
    • Ik 1 sec. = 5,5 to 34 kA
    • Ik pk. = 17 to 90 kA
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