Betobar up to 24kV

  • Applications

    Cast-resin insulated busbars system of the Betobar® type are a unique product for transmission electrical power in harsh environments like outdoor installations, industry, oil and gas, ships and more. The busducts consist of aluminum or copper conductors, which are encapsulated in a special epoxy mix, which has exceptional electrically and mechanical specifications as well as excellent physical characteristics.

    The Betobar busbar system has a very compact design and geometric flexibility. It has been developed to ensure the safe transmission and distribution of electric power in low- and medium-voltage systems

    Standard design is up to 6300A / 24kV. Other options can be provided on request.

    The solutions are tailor made to each individual project and each system consists of different prefabricated busduct elements assembled on site. The elements are joined together with a press-plate coupling (junction) with oversized contact surface to ensure a minimum contact resistance. Each junction is casted with the same special epoxy mix to achieve a homogeneous insulation over the entire length of the busbar. The product is easy to install and maintenance free.

    The busduct system is rated IP68(IP67 for MV-system) and IK10 mechanical strength. The products are designed and tested according to IEC 61439-1/6 and IEC 62271-1/201(MV-system).


  • Technical specifications

    Lavspenning i.h.t  IEC 60.439.2 1000V

    • 3-4-5-6-7-8-9 ledere i skinne i enkel skinne
    • 6-8-10-12-14-16-18 ledere i dobbel skinne
    • Dobbel skinne blir koblet sammen til enkelt termineringselement.
    • Leveres i AL. fra 500A til 3350A v/35°C omg. temp.
    • Leveres i Cu fra 630A til 6560A.
    • Ik 1 sek. =  20kA for 630A – Cu.
    • Ik 1 sek. =  150kA for 6300A – Cu.
    • Ik pk. =  65kA for 630A – Cu.
    • Ik pk.  =  330kA for 6300A – Cu.

    Mellomspenning i.h.t  IEC 60694 (2001) 3,6 – 24kV

    • 3 leder skinne
    • Leveres standard i Cu. fra 935 – 2015A, 3,6 – 7,2kV
    • Leveres standard i Cu. fra 1690 – 5150A, 7,2 – 11kV
    • Leveres standard i Cu. fra 1575 – 4500A, 11 – 17,5kV
    • Leveres standard i Cu. fra 1105 – 6400A, 17 – 24kV
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    Betobar LA Joint Assemble

    Betobar installed in wessel