LD 1100-5000A

  • Applications

    Benefits of the LD system:

    LD The ventilated LD system (up to 5000 A) transmits electricity to production facilities with a high demand for power, e.g. in the automobile industry. A separate PE conductor enables the assured response of the protective device over long conducting paths. The high short-circuit rating permits protection by medium-voltage circuit breakers for the transmission of power between the transformer and the main infeed. Tap-off units up to 1250 A can be plugged in without causing any problems.system

    The busbar trunking system for optimum power distribution in the industrial sector:
    ● Reliable and safe in operation
    ● Fast and easy installation
    ● Space-saving compact design up to 5000 A in one enclosure
    ● Load tap-offs up to 1250 A
    ● Degree of protection IP34 with air cooling (IP54 with sealed enclosure)
    ● Design verified connection to distribution boards and transformers

  • Technical specifications

    LD: 1100A – 5000A at 35° C – 1000V AC/1000V DC, IP34 (ventilated).

    • 4 to 8 conductors + PE
    • 1100 – 4000A Al-conductors
    • 2000A – 5000A Cu-conductors
    • Tap-off points – up to 6 pcs. pr. 3m
    • Max. load tap-off point – 1250A
    • Ik 1 sec. = 40 to 116 kA
    • Ik pk. = 121 to 286 kA
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