Metal clad 1000V

Scanelec AS has the responsible for engineering and sales of Siemens Sivacon 8PS busbar system in Scandinavia.

Metal enclosed busduct from Siemens is today our most used busbar trunking system. Use of this busducts is a costsaving and flexible system as an alternative to cables for transmission and distribution of electrical power in the range from 40A up to 6300A.


  • Applications

    Siemens Sivacon 8PS LI and LD busbar trunking systems are particular suitable to be used for power transmission from transformer to switchboard or between switchboards in the range of 800A to 6300A

    Siemens Sivacon 8PS LI, LD, BD2 and BD01 busbars trunking systems are the optimal solutions for distribution of electrical power in factories, offices, shopping malls, data centers, charging systems (EV). All systems are designed for tap-off units with MCCB/MCBs etc. to be plugged directly to tap-off points at the busducts. This is a compact solution, a cost-saving installation and flexibility for future extensions and modifications.

    This busduct are often used for vertical and horizontal distribution in building with tap-off units supplying local switchboards and equipment/machineries.

    Offshore, marine and wind:

    Siemens Sivacon 8PS LI??, LD, BD2 and BD01 busbars trunking systems are suitable for offshore installations, ships/marine, and wind-installations in areas where the busducts meet required specifications. Mechanical strength, space/weight saving and low fire-load can be factors to take in account.

    Siemens Sivacon 8PS LD, BD2 and BD01 has an DNV certification for such installations


    The busducts also have low noise-levels, low EMC-radiation very low fire load. The housing of the LI-system is made of an extrude aluminum profile which gives a high mechanical strength, and space/weight savings. Metal clad busducts will be the right solution where the prescribed EMC values are very low, such as in building with sensitive equipment.

  • Technical specifications

    BD01: 40 – 160A ved 35° C – 400V, IP54/55

    • 4 ledere +PE (kapsling)
    • 40 – 125A Al-ledere
    • 160A Cu-ledere
    • Uttakspunkt – inntil 6 stk. pr. 3m
    • Maks pr. uttak – 63A
    • Ik 1 sek. = 1,7 til 9,0 kA
    • Ik pk. = 2,55 til 15,3 kA

    BD2: 160A – 1250A ved 35° C – 690V AC/800V DC, IP52/55

    • 4 ledere +PE
    • 160 – 1000A Al eller Cu-ledere
    • 1250A Cu ledere
    • Uttakspunkt – inntil 12 stk. pr. 3,25m
    • Maks pr. uttak – 530A
    • Ik 1 sek. = 5,5 til 34 kA
    • Ik pk. = 17 til 90 kA

    LI: 800A – 6300A ved 35° C – 690V AC/800V DC, IP54/55

    • 3 til 6 ledere + PE (N) (kapsling)
    • 800 – 4500A Al ledere
    • 1000A  – 6300A Cu ledere
    • Uttakspunkt – inntil 10 stk. pr. 3m
    • Maks pr. uttak – 1250A
    • Ik 1 sek. = 25 til 150 kA
    • Ik pk. = 53 til 255 kA

    LD: 1100A – 5000A ved 35° C – 1000V AC/1200V DC, IP34 (ventilert). Sprinkel godkjent.

    • 3 til 8 ledere + PE (N)
    • 1100 – 4000A Al ledere
    • 2000A  – 5000A Cu ledere
    • Uttakspunkt – inntil 6 stk. pr. 3,2m
    • Maks pr. uttak – 1250A
    • Ik 1 sek. = 40 til 116 kA
    • Ik pk. = 121 til 286 kA
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